Mary Ostrye

Mary served as Senior Vice President and Provost for Ivy Tech Community College. In her role as the Chief Academic Officer for the College and a member of the President’s Administrative Cabinet, Ostrye’s responsibilities included providing strategic vision for existing and emerging academic initiatives; overseeing the development of and compliance with academic and student affairs policy; overseeing the planning and implementation of the curriculum; and managing transfer and articulation for the college. Under her leadership, the College implemented a statewide corequisite model at scale for writing and for over half of its math curriculum; established three math pathways to align with degree and workforce needs; and restructured entry technology curriculum into one year certificate programs featuring competency-based curriculum.

Casey Sacks

Casey has worked at the Colorado Community College System office for six years in Academic Affairs. Sacks provided key leadership to the process that resulted in a new system-wide developmental education policy in Colorado. She leads special programs, grants and resource development for the System. In 2011, Sacks was charged with leading a group of faculty and staff to redesign developmental education for 13 colleges. That effort resulted in policy that eliminated long, multi-course sequences in reading, English, and math. Sacks completed her Ph.D. in higher education administration at Bowling Green State University in Ohio specializing in institutional planning. She volunteers as a mediator for her county court system and is an active Rotarian. And she is an avid polo player – horses not water.

Myra Snell

Myra Snell is the Math Lead for the California Acceleration Project, coaching and creating curricular materials to support faculty teaching pre-Statistics courses. She is a Professor of Mathematics at Los Medanos College, where she has been teaching courses from arithmetic to calculus and statistics for the last 20 years. Snell createdPath2Stats, the first pre-Statistics course in the country to provide a one-semester alternative to the traditional multi-level developmental algebra sequence. Snell’s past roles at Los Medanos include working with faculty across campus to assess outcomes and use the results to improve learning experiences for students. She was a coach for the Faculty Inquiry Network, worked with Carnegie-Mellon’s Open Learning Initiative in Statistics, and served as a consultant to the Carnegie Foundation’s Statway project.

Sarah Tucker

Prior to her current role, Tucker served as Director of Planning and Research for the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission and the Community and Technical College System of West Virginia. Her work focuses on college access, particularly for first-generation rural students, and redesigning developmental education. She completed her doctorate at the School of Education at the University of Michigan in 2010. Prior to pursuing her doctorate, she was a behavioral specialist and general education teacher in an adolescent girls group home. She earned a B.A. in Psychology from Harvard University and a M.A. in Quantitative Research Methodology from the University of Michigan.